The Verdict is In

So, I’ve been on hiatus. Have you noticed? Have you missed me? I’ve missed you! In all honesty, I really have. It’s been forever! It’s been over a week. It’s been really hard not writing here to all of you. There’s so much going on. It’s almost Mirs and I’s one year anniversary. It’s PRIDE MONTH! Queens Pride is Sunday. I’m heading to San Francisco in less than 10 days. A lot of shit going on at work that’s taking up lots of time. And the fact that my sweet, sweet girl is still (still) hobbling around on crutches.

We went to the doctor today. I was prepared to hear the worst, because that’s how I roll. Mirs was prepared to hear that she could start walking immediately. I was right. She’s got a “severe sprain” and is expected to be off of it for up to 3 months. She’s to start physical therapy three times a week for at least a month immediately.

She’s a little bummed. It was a giant blow. It’s been a little tough, to say the least. We’re hanging in and as a couple, we’re doing really well through this, actually. It’s just really hard on her because she’s so active. She rides her bike every where, she plays basketball all of the time, she’s always moving.

So that’s what’s up. I’ve been a dutiful and attentive partner and girl friend and it’s more exhausting than I could imagine. I’m not sure how mothers or nurses do it but I give them so much credit.


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