Oh the Stuffs of Life

My friend Matthew Facebooked me today about the lack of content on my blog. You readers know that when there is a lull in blogging something is happening.

Something is happening. After our last time together, Mirs and I were fighting. Fighting pretty hard. We had a really deep conversation and in fabulous lesbian fashion we processed a lot. We decided to get out of the house and had some drinks at a local Mexican Restaurant before heading over to McCaren park to play basketball with a friend.

We got there about an hour early, talked a bit on the blanket before heading over to the courts to shoot around before our friend arrived. When going up for a 3 pointer, Mirs came down hard on her ankle and has been laid up in our house (which is a horribly disgusting messy disaster-also making her really cranky) for the past 3 days.

I took the first day off work to be with her and have been frantically re arranging my work schedule to be with her. She’s completely dependent on me now. She can’t crutch very well, she can’t bend down or really do much more than hobble to the back yard for sun and then hobble back to bed.

It’s been really hard on her but through the craziness of this injury she’s been doing a lot of reflecting and we’ve been doing a lot of talking (processing).

Things are going well-really well, good even. But it’s been taking up a lot of time for me so when she’s able to actually walk I’ll be back to my old blogging ways.

Believe me, I have things to talk about but when you work for 8 hours and then come home to care for the person that you love unconditionally (and drink with to ease the pain) it gets tiring 🙂

Back soon, I promise!


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