It’s Spring Time in NYC

this is under the Manhattan Bridge last summer*

Well, almost. Sunday was pretty outstanding. The weather was remarkably warm and because of my oral surgery I got to enjoy it through a Vicoden haze. Today it rained-all day. April Showers better fucking bring some May flowers, May warmth, May sunshine, May nakedness.

We’re rounding the corner on our first anniversary. In case you haven’t read about Mirs and I-we met almost a year ago on (the Onion) we went on an amazing first date and did the nasty on the second date, and for that entire weekend. Now here we are, almost 10 months later and still the sight of her naked body makes me weak in the knees.
But I’m not here to talk about my girlfriend again. I’m gonna talk about the things I love to do in New York City in the Spring/Summer-In no particular order my Favorite NYC Summer Things
1. Friend Visits. You’d think, based on previous posts, that I don’t like friends to visit me here in the best city on earth. It’s not true. I love friends to visit-in the warm months. It makes everything a lot more bearable. Ask me again in August and I’m sure I’ll have another answer but Spring Time is the best time to visit NYC. You can do and see everything and stroll the streets at a leisurely pace.
*in Dumbo*
2. Bike Riding. Mirs and I bought my bike, Samara, towards the end of last summer. I only got to ride her a few times before the weather turned foul. She’s been inside since October just aching to get out and stretch her legs. She’s a cute bike-Electric blue old Schwinn cruiser. She needs a basket and some streamers and she’ll be near perfect. I want to take her on rides over the Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Manhattan Bridges with my girlfriend. I want to ride up Central Park West and through the park with a picnic lunch in the basket. I want to go where ever the wind takes me for as long as my legs let me peddle.
3. Movies in the Park. It was only towards the end of the last summer that I realized that Bryant Park wasn’t the only place to see outdoor movies.
I discovered Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Movies with a View
You can also watch movies at Habana Outpost on their big Screen/Wall.
4. Walking around nearly naked. I love 5th Avenue in the summer. It’s one of my favorite places to people watch. Once you get passed St. Patrick’s Cathedral the Midwestern tourists tend to thin out and give way to the taller and more beautiful European Tourists. I love how the women walk down 5th Ave in barely there fashions as though they were walking the streets in Brazil. Not that naked, but pretty bare. It’s great. Everyone does it. Shorts, Dresses and Skirts get shorter and shorter-I especially love the short shorts on the gays-Those boys know where it’s at!
5. Central Park. Oh how I will miss my close proximity to Central Park. I love that the park was literally blocks away. My favorite Central Park location is on the West side, at the 108th Street entrance-thankfully far far away from most of the crazy tourist hustle and bustle you find in the lower digits. I can lay on my American Apparel blanket with a bottle of prosecco with my lady and not see a tourist for hours-except for that random lost soul trying to find their way back to the Met-or even better, “That restaurant from Seinfeld.
*Yup that’s me-notice the giant sunglasses (my staple) and that clevage-summer time staple ;)*
6. People Watching. It kind of goes along with people walking around nakeder. People watching in NYC is always amazing. You can scope out many interesting, beautiful, unique, queer, wonderful, lesbian, gay, straight, colorful, crazy people. My favorite places to People Watch is Central Park, Washington Square Park, over brunch on the LES or in South Williamsburg.
*I like to sit here and eat my lunch in the summer-it’s the only time I come to Central Park below 100th.*
7. The Beach. I always forget that I live on an island. When you think of living on an Island you think clear blue water, palm trees, sand, umbrella drinks, and the like. You hardly ever think Manhattan. Until that first blistering hot summer day. That first blistering hot day when you’re off work. That first blistering hot day when you’re off work and your girl is off work. That first blistering hot day when you and your girl are off work-you hop on the train out to the beach, towel, sunblock, bikini, water, and wine and food. After about two hours you emerge from the train and BAM! You’re on Long Beach, Fire Island, The Hamptons, Montauk, Jersey Shore…I will send pictures from the beach-believe me.
8. Gardening. If the cold would ever leave consistently, our garden would be under way by now. Instead, my herbs are freezing cold and stunted in growth on the window. I can’t say what’s become of my herbs up in Harlem, as I’ve not seen them in two weeks. Last I saw them they were stretching their skinny green limbs as far up and out the window that they could.

9. Living with my lady. I cannot tell you how excited I am. Nervous but mostly excited.

10. Sweaty Sex. Mirs/our apartment was nicknamed “the sauna” last summer. It’s hot, it’s dark, sweaty, and sticky. It makes for amazing hot sex. That animal sex where you’re ripping of the little clothes that you’re wearing to make contact with cool, damp skin. It’s the sex where you’re biting, panting, and scratching. Grunting and groaning and grinding and when you finally come you lay back, hair matted to your face, sweat dripping of your body, breath coming out in pants. You stagger to your feet naked into the kitchen and stand in front of the freezer. Yeah, that kind of sex, my first summer of sex with the woman that I love.

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