Weekend in Review

So I went to my oral surgeon in China Town-Dr. Lee. He was amazing. Wonderfully patient, kind, sincere, and thorough. We found out that the nasty infection wasn’t really an infection at all, rather a very large cyst growing in my jaw. Funny thing is, I used to feel it under my skin-it was just past my chin not quite to my jaw bone. I thought it was a lymph node! Now that they removed 85% of it-I can’t feel my “lymph node” any more!

So, it’s getting a biopsy as we speak. I have a humongous gaping hole in my mouth. The best thing, I have 6 months of dentist visits a head of me. Did I mention that my dental insurance BLOWS. Yeah, it does. So we’ll see.

Mirs was such a trooper. I spent the entire day Saturday in a dentist’s office. In the end, the actual extraction was the most painful thing I’ve felt in my entire life. I’m notoriously hard to numb. I got 6 shots of Novocain-plus two more directly in the humongous gaping hole prior to the cyst removal. Let’s just say-I pretty much felt everything. There’s still a small part of the cyst directly on my nerve. To avoid me losing sensation on the entire left side of my face they’re going to do something involving tubes in the hole…this is getting graphic. Sorry. Let’s just say that it sucked. Vicoden is my friend.


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