Oral Surgery-In China Town

For the past 24 hours I’ve been writhing around in pain in Mirs/our bed. A nasty tooth ache has plagued me once again. Me and this tooth, we’ve got history. It’s been a literally pain in my mouth for years. I’ve gotten a root canal on it, and had it examined by two different dentists who just pump me full of antibiotics and pain killers and sent me on my way.

Last night, after several shots of whiskey, excessive amounts of Advil, and numerous ice chips Mirs found a bottle of antibiotics she never finished that expired back in November. Through the dizzying pain I opened the bottle and swallowed a pill. A few hours later I took another one and passed back out.

Then, around 1 this morning I woke up alert and tada! Pain-Free! Well, virtually pain free. Mirs was still awake, watching a subtitled Korean Movie. I was in a daze-mostly whiskey induced but elated that I could actually move my body without stabbing, shooting pains radiating from my lower left jaw.

We settled into sleep and she murmured, “You’re still going to the dentist” before drifting off to sleep.
I groaned my reply. Why? I FUCKING HATE THE DENTIST. Some people don’t like the dentist, some people are uncomfortable. I fucking HATE the dentist. Ever since I was a young child-well since my first cavity-the dentist and I have never, ever gotten along. When I had braces I would barf all over my orthodontist when given impressions. I’ve been known to cry hard and long before sitting in a chair. I flinch, squirm, squeal, moan, and groan-oh, and I bite. Not on purpose-it’s a reflex!

So we go into the dentist today at 9AM and I had to get 6 x-rays-Six! Six times that horribly uncomfortable hard plastic thing was shoved into my mouth-farther and farther back each time. My already inflamed mouth was throbbing. As the sixth and final x-ray was taken my hygienist had to call for back up. I was fucking double teamed! The woman holding the painful thing in my mouth, holding my face and stroking my hair was a lesbian (and if she wasn’t she sure fooled me) while the other one took the picture.

I could hear them talking about the final picture behind me, mouth still propped open, craning my neck to see what they were talking about. I don’t talk dentist but I could tell that it wasn’t good. I finally got to sit face to face with my new dentist, Dr. Karr, who broke it down to me. The picture was of a giant black hole under my tooth-on the screen in looked to me to be about the size of a tennis ball-in actuality, it’s about the size of a peach pit-giant. So, I’m waiting at Mirs‘ school while she does work to get to my second appointment today-Dr. Lee in China Town.

I’m not going to lie. Seeing an oral surgeon in China Town is about as comforting as getting soul food on the Upper East Side (or in South Dakota) it’s just, some how, not “right”. My dentist recommended him highly and everyone in the office said he was the best-of the oral surgeons who are open on Saturday.

I need some Valium now-I’m hoping for Vicoden or Percocets later…and liquor…and better dental insurance.


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