I’ve been Replaced by an iPhone

So one day she asks me to move in with her. I break my ex-roommate’s heart and promise a renewed friendship with her all in hopes to continue on the path of foreverness with Mirs and she pulls this shit. She got an iPhone. It’s been in our house for less than 48 hours and already it’s as if I’m not here. What the fuck is that shit about?

I mean, really, what can and iPhone do that I can’t do? I’ve asked her this, given her a week to get over it but even now, as I type away on my computer she’s talking to herself, her computer, and her new love interest; the iPhone.

I mean, what can an iPhone do that my Blackberry can’t do. Yeah, you’ve got that touch screen thing, but who’s fingers are that precise and small? And if I wanted, I could upgrade (again) to a Storm. *Maybe I’ll get a storm* It must be nice to have your music downloaded but my Curve does that, too.

I try to think back to when I got my first smart phone. I spent every waking hour with it. We got to know each other, I’d snuggle up with my Blackberry Pearl manual and look at all the neato things my phone could do. Then, a few months ago, I upgraded to the Curve. The new full key board was like magic! I’d snicker under my breath watching Mirs struggle to send text messages on her out dated flip phone issued by Verizon for free. “Muhahaha” was my snarly laugh. “My blackberry does everything! Need directions, the weather, stock reports-DONE! Want to facebook? Done! What can your phone do? Nothing! MUHAHAHAHA!”

Now, there she is…laying on her stomach in her cute red and white stripped polo and black washed denim resting on her elbows, ankles crossed fawning over her new toy, her new pleasure. She just looked at me and laughed, “this thing is fucking amazing” she didn’t even look at me, looked beyond me with dreamy eyes and that excited gleam-a smile once only smiled for me.

It’s official-at least for 10 days-I’ve been replaced by an iPhone.


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