She Popped the Question!

No, not that question-we’ve asked that one hundreds of times. Mirs asked me to move in with her! We’ve been living together in her teeny tiny apartment quite comfortably for the past 2 months. I’ve counted and in total have only spent 4 nights in my own bed in Harlem. The other 56 days have been in Brooklyn in her bed with her cat, Leroy.

When ever we talk throughout the day we’ll say things like, “See you at home later!” or “Need me to bring anything home?” and that “home” we talk of is her home, well soon our home. It makes sense, nearly all of my stuff is here and when I grocery shop I consider what’s in the cupboards here rather than there. Still, telling my roommates will be tough. I was talking about it with one of my friends this morning,a mutual friend who commented that they should see it coming. Still, I feel badly about it. I’m not sure, really, how to tell them either.

It should be like taking off a band aid, right? No long drawn out affair-just straight and too the point. I’ve never been good at confrontations, not that this is a confrontation. It’s hard, though, to have tough talks with people face to face. Face to face is how these conversations have to go, they can’t be done via e-mail or on the telephone.

On the other hand, I’m so excited and can’t believe that it’s happening! We were just sitting at Heartland Brewery in Union Square after finding out disappointing news about Stevie Nicks over their beer flight. Out of the blue Mirs asked, “What do you think about putting your stuff in storage and permanently moving in?” I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting it-really. We never talked about it, ever. It was always a discussion of moving in together when her lease expires at the end of summer. Never, had we had a real and honest talk about doing it sooner.

Of course, I smiled like a fool and clapped my hands like a 5 year old and squealed yes. This morning, when we woke up she said she was excited for us to live together, for real. I agreed, until I looked around us. There is stuff EVERYWHERE. Let’s be honest, my stuff is EVERYWHERE. Her place is teeny teeny-200 square feet if that. It’ll be a tight squeeze, and thank god for storage units. Mostly, it will be fun-an adventure and the next chapter in our life together. We’ve been planning a garden in her back yard for months now, this makes it easier. I’ll never have to frantically search the apartment for a belt or pair of shoes just to realize they’re in Manhattan. I’m happy, no ecstatic. Still, a little sad.

I think it will be a great way for me to work on my friendship with the girls. We’ll get to appreciate one another as just friend over the complications and stresses that sometimes occur when friends become roommates. It also opens a whole new stage in my relationship with Mirs. Nothing can hide now-nothing. All of our flaws; my tendency to be messy her anal retentive tendency to be tidy-EVERYTHING will be revealed.

Bring on Chapter 2!


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