The New Padma Hardy’s Commercial

Like my West Coast blogging idol, Dorothy Snarker, I am completely in love with the new Hardee’s add featuring Padma from Top Chef. Let’s clear something up-I do not watch Top Chef because I like to watch Padma, I watch Top Chef because I love to cook. My other blog, OhioLezGirlCooks has been idle for a long, long while-I’m working on it. It’s not that I’m not cooking, I am. The problem is that recipes often come organically to me, I never write them down and don’t usually create the same thing twice. Besides, who goes around taking pictures of their culinary creations?

Back to Padma. So I was catching up on my blogs after my long weekend without Internet access and saw the commercial. I’ve only watched it 4 times-and not in a row. I watched it twice and then showed it to Mirs thinking that she’d love every 61 seconds of it just as much as I have.

No such luck. After the last lick of that gigantic hamburger Mirs recoiled and exclaimed,
“I fucking at that shit. First, it’s an advertisement for fast food, which is bullshit. Second, it’s completely and totally objectifying women. I hate these commercials!”

I fell silent. I was stunned. After the shock of her reaction wore off (about 20 seconds) I snapped back something super immature like, “What’s wrong with you!?” or “What’s your problem today?” She’s a little testy, she’s been loaded with work and frankly, I wasn’t expecting that reaction at all.

She went back to her paper and I went back to blog surfing. After a while we both apologized for our outbursts and had great sex. (what? we did)

This morning I woke up and thought about Mir’s objection to the commercial. She has a point. It doesn’t just objectify a woman’s body, but also advocates the fast food business which has such dire repercussions from coast to coast that I can’t and won’t talk about it. So what does it mean that I like to watch it? I’ve watched it again, twice, since starting this post (mostly because I’m trying to get it to show up as a video and kinda cause I like to watch her lick that burger).

Does the fact that I love the commercial and love the way she looks licking sweet, saucy stuff from her fingers make me a disgusting sexist pig? Am I no better than the horrible men cat-calling innocent women on the street? I’m not sure. I don’t think so. I mean, I’ll go to battle with anyone and I think that most magazine’s especially men’s magazines objectify women. On the other hand, if a woman makes the choice to dress or undress for money than it’s her prerogative.

I know that Padma knows what she’s doing. She’s flaunting what she’s got and probably making bank-as well as legions of ladies wanting, no fantasizing about being that cheeseburger.


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