Weekend in DC/Maryland

That’s the White House. The Obama family lives there. Recently, our lady-Ms Oprah Winfrey visited the First Lady there to talk about adjusting to life in such a prominent and recognizable home. I thought the article fell flat. I think Oprah gives a much better interview in person.

I was in DC/Maryland visiting with my cousin, mother, and nephew. My mom is still there and I only spent the weekend. It was good to catch up with my mom, but with a precocious 2 and a half year old boy, there’s little time to catch up at all, really.

It was hard to get a read on Mom. She looks well, she seems like she’s doing alright-she just seems tired-extremely tired. Raising a two year old in your mid fifties isn’t how it’s supposed to be. She’s supposed to be relaxing with her girlfriends, enjoying life, going out and doing adult things. She does these things, actually, she has a pretty solid network of girlfriends back in Ohio who she does girl things with. They see movies together, eat dinner, stuff that women do. Still, she looks a lot older than I remember her looking.

As for me, I got little to no sleep this weekend. My mother and I were sharing a bed and the boy child likes to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to demand breakfast foods and drink. The first night I was there he came to my side of the bed, I think he was confused to find me in it. When I asked him what he was doing he responded, “I’m looking for my Nana”

I gotta say, with his excessive 2 year old energy, his love of the word “NO” and his crazy spoiled-ness (he is being raised by his grandmother) it was good to see the little squirt, too. He’s crazy adorable.

Yesterday we went to Baltimore to see the circus. It was his first circus and my first in over 20 years. I remember the circus being more stinky. I feel like when I went to the circus as a child that it smelled like the zoo-I remember their being hay every where, and I remember seeing an elephant taking a shit. It was more distracting the way I remember it, because you could see the animals outside of the tent. While clowns were juggling in front of me, I could see tigers and elephants behind me outside.

I suppose that they don’t have open spaces in cities to hold circuses and that’s why they’re held in arenas now.


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