Oprah on Lesbians

I stumbled upon the Oprah show to day and her topic was women who left their husbands for women; women who came out late in life; lesbians; is Oprah a lesbian? That last one wasn’t really a real topic-I just like to razz my mom about it. 🙂


I started watching the show about 5 minutes in and when I got to it the segment was a Skyppe with Jackie Warner from Bravo’s Workout (huge crush on her) and her former girlfriend/trainer a girl who’s name escapes me. I was annoyed because they were talking about women who leave men for women who look like men. I thought she was going to drag that out but she didn’t, thankfully.


I was glued to the television for the entire show and think that Lady O did a great job showing and representing real lesbians in a real light. The Jackie Warner thing was sort of schtick, I think. I was worried that it would be an onslaught of famous (type) lesbians for the entire show. I liked hearing the story about the southern baptist wife who left her husband for a woman and to see the real story behind her coming out. It was heartfelt and real and touched my heart.
Bravo, Oprah!

This video is hilarious…


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