100th post-kind of

Happy 100th Blog to me!

Happy 100th Blog to me!
Happy 100th Blog Ohio Lez-Girl in NYC
Happy 100th Blog to me!
and many mooooooorrrrrreeee!!
YAY!  So my last blog-Mothers and Daughters-was officially my 100th Blog but I didn’t realize it until it’d gone up.  So instead, I decided to celebrate with this 101st Blog.  But 101 isn’t as much of a milestone.  In life, yes, not so much with blogs.  So this is my re-do of my 100th Blog.
I even made a YouTube video to celebrate.  I was wearing a hat and there were balloons and I had special guests.  For some reason, the video didn’t load properly-well it did but there was weird sound problems and when I went to redo it, it didn’t load.  
So, I decided to write the blog instead.  The video came in at just about 4 minutes and I’m not sure how that equates in blogland.  I asked you, my readers, two questions.
Question 1-Do I look gay?
It begs the question-what do gay girls look like and there are millions of answers.  I ask because I was at dinner with my lady and our friend the other night.   I was saying how this certain friend should date women.  She commented that she was open to it.  I was a little shocked but Mirs said that she was “pretty gay”  I like to call these people-tweeners   …that’s a lie.  I would never say that.  I would say queer.  She asked me if I thought she looked gay and I told her if I saw her walking down the street I probably wouldn’t look-therefore, no I didn’t think that she looked gay.  She asked why and I told her it was what she was wearing, her style, and her hair.  Her hair was a little too “done”  By done I mean, that it looked like she worked on it.  I know lesbians that work on their hair, one friend in particular who is obsessed with her wavy shoulder length hair.  She likes to get compliments on it and gets upset if we don’t notice that she’s having a good hair day.  She has an effortless “done” look.  
My second reason was her nails-they were longer and painted.  I don’t know about you but long nails and lesbian sex don’t really go well together.  Lastly, I didn’t get the gay vibe from her.  That was the most telling-more than her hair, nails, or wardrobe.  She didn’t vibe gay at all.
So, do I project gay?  Do I look gay?  I want to look gay!  It’s pretty easy to spot a gay boy-I think.  It’s a little harder with the ladies.  Old stereotypes would say that a lesbian lacks style, has a short or cropped hair cut.  Last time I spotted a lesbian I thought was hot it turned out to be a 16 year old boy!!  I’m so glad I’m not a single lady out there trying to navigate the world finding the perfect lesbian mate.  I mean, you have your Rachel Maddow lesbians and your Ellen lesbians and you’ve got your Kate Moening lesbians, your Porcia lesbians, your Rosies and your Wanda Sykes.  Butch, butch-femme, femme-butch, femme, the list goes on and on.  And who says you have to mold yourself into one of those categories.  I love to throw on a tie and an oxford but I also like my new bright red lipstick and dresses.
When it comes down to it, I think I want to “look” gay because I don’t like wearing my red lipstick and my dresses and get harassed by men on the streets…
it’s hard out here for a dyke.
Question 2-What do you call your significant other?

Girlfriend, Lover, Partner, Wife…what’s in a name?  Good question, Will.  Does it matter?  Does one name have more meaning than another.  I used to have this thing where I would categorize sex-Making Love was sweet, soft, and tender.  Having Sex was a little bit more- and Fucking was hard core, sweat dripping, passionate sexual bliss.  But you can fuck someone you love and it can be tender and sweet and you can have sex with someone you don’t care about at all-and when you’re fucking the woman you love-you are making love, aren’t you?  
That’s kind of how I feel about what one calls their significant other.  I mean, Mirs and I are rounding the 10 month mark here in a few weeks and she’s definitely my girlfriend.  I don’t feel comfortable, though, calling her my partner.  Maybe when we’re under the same roof officially?  She’ll still be my girlfriend, obviously, but the word partner implies a partnership-we’d be sharing our lives together and all of what that means; the bills, the maintenance, the laundry, etc.  I mean, we do that now-but it’s out of courtesy of being in the other person’s apartment, really.  Eventually, I want to call her my wife-but only when it can be recognized outside of one state in the US.  Even when she’s my wife, my partner, my girlfriend she’s also my lover.  Lover, though, on it’s own sort of implies that it’s just sex.  We clearly have lots of sex, but because she’s my girlfriend, partner, lover there’s more to it, more to us, than the physical aspect of sex.
So there it is…two questions and my 101st blog.  Here’s to 100 (99) more!  Thanks for reading OH-IO*Lez-Girl*in*NYC  !  

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