Daughters and Mothers

I had the most disturbing interaction today at work. In the fitting room this adorable girl was trying on some skirts. She had it horribly outfitted-this really cute, colorful knit skirt paired with an ill-fitting v-neck knit tee shirt. It didn’t look good. She was about a size 8 or so, no chest, square shaped middle, no hips, no ass. Because she carried her weight in her middle she had the common black girl skirt problem-long in the front, short in the back.

The mother and daughter were fidgeting with the skirt-hiking it up, pulling it down while her other smaller siblings looked on. It just didn’t fit, Period. I stepped in, it’s my new role as the Selling Manager, and offered some suggestion. I brought her better fitting skirts, tucked in her shirt for her and added a belt. All of a sudden her square shaped body took on a more womanly, hour glass shape and the girl who was scrunching her face in the mirror had light in her eye and a smile on her face.

That is, until the mother commented on her “larger stomach” and wondered if I could find something with less fabric that made her look smaller. I looked at the girl who looked at her feet and then back to the mother. I explained that there wasn’t anything we could “do” about the skirt’s fabric-it’s a circle skirt, there’s lots of fabric there. I told her that adding the belt gave her a shape, she looked happy and the girl confirmed that she felt good in it. The mother then scrunched her face and commented again on the large stomach. The girl shifted her weight on her feet, the two sisters who were watching grew silent-all eyes on me.

me-“how do you feel in it?”
girl-“i like it”
me-“you see my ass? see this stomach? you’ve gotta rock it, you know? If you got it-own it, love it and it’ll show”

and then I walked away. She bought the outfit. It wasn’t about the sale for me. I mean, it’s my new job. To hire, inspire, and train my staff to sell stuff better than the rest. To interact with our customers and to help out when I can to boost sales. It was the fact that I helped to throw up a middle finger for this brown haired, short chubby girls tall blonde mother. Yeah, I’m getting this outfit, Mom, and you’re paying for it. Fuck you.


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