Weekend in Review

Thursgay Evening Our friend Natalie celebrated her birthday at what is normally a horribly straight, choady bar in the East Village called Blue and Gold. When it’s over-run by queer women it becomes not-so horrible. Especially queer women who bring their own food and a cake from Magnolia Bakery. Then, it becomes an okay place to hang out.

Frigay Evening Frigay wasn’t super gay at all-in terms of location. Mirs had a whirlwind of guests in the city and Friday was the straightest. I met up with them at Schillers on the LES and then we headed over to Pianos and Local 138. Amazing drink deals, especially at Local but not as gay as it could’ve been.

Saturgay-My favorite gay day of the weekend Purim-in Murray Hill. I don’t even know where to start. When we’re on the train we spot a girl in green with an instrument. Mirs whispers to me that she’s a member of the Rude Mechanical Orchestra-go look it up, they’re awesome. We planned on following her to the celebration but she didn’t know where it was exactly so we found our own way. Once inside, we paid $20 which included 3 drinks. We settled into the Purim story already underway. We spent a good portion of the night here enjoying the extremely gigantic number of queer folks, good friends, and amazing-slightly outrageous yet informative performance. We ended up at a Monthly lesbian dance party in Bed Stuy called That’s My Jam. And danced the night away with wild abandon until the weeee hours of the morning.

Sungay Slow day. China town for Mirs’ new glasses and meeting up with old friends. Super short, I know. But here are some pictures to make up for it. I also have a story that has to do with a certain device that was supposed to be a valentine’s present that I’m debating about putting up 😉


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