I just purged, and I think I liked it

One of the, um, conditions for Mirs’ and I merging is the fact that I have far too many clothes than what is humanly possible. Well, it’s possible-celebrity’s closets are bigger than my apartment and Mirs’ apartment combined. I should say more than I actually need. Is need the right word here? I question it, because she questions it a lot, “Do I need it?” If you saw Confessions of a Shopaholic (second time mentioning this lame-o movie so I guess it wasn’t that dumb) there’s a time when the main character, who’s going to SA meetings, asks herself before making purchases the same question. I’m the first to admit that I’ve had a shopping problem in the past. Hello, my name is Erika and I’m a shopaholic. I’ve severely cut back. Especially since my move to NYC. It’s something to do with the ridiculous cost of living here verses the cost of living in Toledo, Ohio. That, and space. I don’t believe in storage for clothing purposes, it’s counter productive.

Today, even though it’s raining, is the day I’ve allotted to put away my winter clothing and pull out my spring/summer clothing. I also decided that what ever I didn’t wear this winter, as well as what I don’t recall wearing over last summer would be put into a bag and donated.

Let’s back track a little bit. I like to make shopping lists. Part of my pseudo 12-step program to get off smack (shopping) is to make lists of things that I will buy for a season. This is what my Spring/Summer List looks like
-4 skirts; one printed, one full, one short, one pencil
-4 blouses; one long-sleeved, one statement collar, one 3/4 sleeved, and one printed
-2 shoes; one running and a pretty flat
-4 scarves; 2 solid, 2 printed-both light weight
-5 bathing suits; 3 bikinis, 2 one-piece
-Earrings (3)
-Rings (3)
-Sunglasses (4)
-Classic Suit (skirt and pants)
-2 Dresses
-3 Jeans; bootcut, straight, black

In taking inventory of my closet this is what I’ve discovered I have for Spring/Summer
-15 skirts; 10 full, 5 mini-7 printed, 8 solid
-7 blouses; 13/4 sleeved, 2 short-sleeved, 1 sleeveless
-13 dresses; 3 strapless, 3 vintage, 5 knit, 2 other
-22 scarves; 5 silk (not counting the ones in California with my roommates and the ones at Mirs’ and the ones at work for back up)

I actually don’t have that many pairs of shoes, earrings, rings, and I’m down to only 2 pairs of sunglasses. Other than that, um…yeah, well I don’t really think I need to go shopping for spring/summer. The problem, though, is work. I work in fashion, I’m surrounded by hundreds of articles of clothing a day-not to mention the jewelry and other accessories. It’s hard!

I refuse to budge on the sunglasses and scarves, it’s my thing…Here. Look at some pictures of me

oh, and there are more

See what I mean? Can’t let go of the scarves and sunglasses. That said, I looked at all my stuffs and came up with the stuffs that I haven’t worn and that could be donated to someone who actually needed it. Not just someone who bought it because it was on sale and with a discount was even more marked down and who cares if you have two exact same things in other colors and that you can’t really eat and that you’re bills are due…

I was going to put a list of what I’m donating but don’t really feel like that’s the purpose of donating-to talk about what you did and how much, etc. Let’s just say that it’s a lot. I feel lighter and very productive today. It also feels pretty good knowing that the clothes I’m not longer wearing will be of some use to people who need them.


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