You’re Gay, I’m Gay-Lesbe Friends

Don’t you wish it was that easy? I hate asking questions like that. It’s like early SATC episodes when SJP aka Carrie Bradshaw used to ask questions directly to the camera. In theater it’s called breaking the fourth wall. It works on stage and some would argue that it worked for SATC, it doesn’t work for blogs. Let me start over.

I wish it were that easy. I’ve been super out and proud for just about a year now. Granted, if you’re a die-hard OH-IO*lez-girl*inNYC reader you’ll argue that I blogged about Match.Com dating back last year. Those were the last straws. I told myself that no one comes out in their late twenties and to give it one more shot at dating men. It didn’t work. Maybe because they were super lame, mostly because I’m a dyke.

So it’s pretty safe to say that I’m new to the community. I came out in one of the best cities to do so-on the flip side, it’s such a gigantic city, therefore it has a pretty large gay population. I have tons of gay and queer boy friends and a handful of lesbian friends that I know through Mirs. So, they’re basically Mir’s friends. If you’d ask any of them, they’d tell you that. Probably in private, but I’m sure they’d say it because it’s true.

So how do you make lesbian friends? Websites? Volunteering? Bars? Sporting Events? Websites? I’m an AEer but not super dedicated. I met Mirs online, so I have faith in that medium, but it’s kind of hard to meet friends online as opposed to finding a mate online. Right? I mean, I suppose it’s kind of the same; you can scan the profiles of members who are looking for “friendship” or “networking”…on the other hand there’s not a filter for those ladies who claim to be looking for friendship or networking and are really looking for an easy lay. (that was funny to write) I don’t actually think that lesbians are cruising the Internet for hot sex…or are they??

Volunteering. I’m kinda horrible. I signed up to volunteer at the Center here in NYC and haven’t done any actual volunteering yet. I like to tell myself its because my schedule is shit. Really it’s because I’m lazy. Mirs suggested a youth out reach program dedicated to helping LBGT kids of color, kinda more up my ally. Have I checked out the website? Yes (no) Yes…On the list of things to do.

Sporting Events. I’ve also been toying with joining Front Runners, a LGBT group of runners-cause I like to run. My excuse for that is that it’s too fucking cold in NYC to go running in the park.

Bars. Can you really make friends in a bar? No, you can’t. ‘Cause folks are just lookin’ to get laid in a bar. Or they’re straight and wouldn’t make a very good gay friend.

So here I am, bitching about not having any queer friends yet I’m sitting on my ass not doing anything about it. I may not be doing anything about it, but I have a lot of ideas. And that is a start.


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