Snow Days

We got some snow here in NYC, not sure if you heard about it. Apparently it was a lot of snow-and it was, really. I’m just used to Ohio’s version of “a lot of snow” Snow that prevents you from opening doors, snow drifts that are thigh high, the entire city being shut down and the Police Department issuing tickets for drivers on the hazardous roads-because they are that hazardous.

East Coasters call 6″ a lot of snow. And it is, but really, it’s not. We got so much snow here in the City that for the first time in 5 years New York Public schools called a snow day. I can’t even imagine getting through high school, for example, and not getting one snow day! When I was in high school (god, I sound like my grand mother) When I was in high school, we had so many snow days that my parent’s stopped waking up to listen to the morning news on the radio. My sister and I did that. If there was 6″ of snow we’d watch the news or turn on the radio and hope and pray that Toledo Public and Parochial would be closed. All of the smaller school districts would close; Sylvania, Swanton, Ottawa Hills…Toledo didn’t nearly as much as the others.

On those days that we would hear the fateful words; “All Toledo Public and Parochial Schools are Closed” We’d turn of the television and climb back into bed and sleep until the early afternoon. That’s how it was here with Mirs and I yesterday. We extended our long weekend right through Monday because her school was closed and I had another day off.

We woke up some where between 11:30-12:30 for real. We made breakfast and then climbed back into bed. We got up again to play in the snow; layered on socks, tights, and turtle necks. When we were sufficiently bundled up we went out side and were met with the bright sunshine and the blinding white snow. We walked a few blocks from her house, got our skin burned off by the freezing cold wind, made it to the park and stayed their just long enough to take a few pictures and run around.

The entire day was an in and out of bed day. We only got up for the necessities, and otherwise remained in each other’s arms in bed. Perhaps one of my favorite lazy days this winter.


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