Waiting for Survivor

It’s no big secret, I’m a gigantic Survivor Fan. I am not one of those crazy people who are super religious about it. I’ve missed entire seasons and don’t feel as though I’ve missed out. That said, I’ve been known to You Tube entire seasons and watch them in a single afternoon.

I’m especially excited for this newest season of Survivor on CBS. Have you seen some of the contestants?

Let’s start with Erinn

Erinn’s Bio says that she’s a “a hairstylist and make-up artist who is out to prove she’s not just another pretty face”
Hmmm, I’m okay with her being another pretty face.

But then there’s Candace. Now, I hate to sound like a pig-headed chicken chasing slutty slut slut but man oh man, Candace. I hope to the baby Jesus that she makes it to the top 3 just so I can watch her week after week in this bikini…and now for a shower. ahem.

So, Candace is from Dayton. I attended UD! She’s 31 years old, which means she was at UD when I was there. So what the eff, Erika? How did you miss this hottie? And she’s an attorney…lord jesus, help me.

Then There’s Sierra. I mean, once you’ve checked out Candace with her amazing body, her brains, her body, and all why would you want to look at another model? Remember when Survivor contestants were sort of…average-looking. Chubbier. More midwestern? I’m not complaining or anything, I’m just saying.

So back to Sierra. According to her profile, she’s a model. The end. It says she’s single. I’m gonna keep my eye on her, I think she may be the gay one. she’s got that cute sporty look about her. Although, Candace’s bio says “Candace Smith grew up as a tomboy and athlete, competing in soccer, basketball and track” She could be my lez.

Lastly, Sydney. I’m not normally a fan of the blondes, no offense to all of my blonde friends out there. It’s jut not my thing. The casting team at CBS feel differently it seems. Sydney is another model. Nothing else to say then.

Sadly, I’m actually working through the Season Premiere, although I’m trying to persuade some switching happening. If I watch it on CBS Thursday at 8 with the fanatics or on my computer that night, it’s sure to be an amazing season.

This year the contestants are in Tocantins, Brazil and two cast members are to be voted off before the show even starts. Keep your fingers crossed I can get Thursday switched!


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