Not-So Good Vibrations

I have (had) an amazing vibrator. Her name is Lola. That’s Lola up there, well not her really, just something that looks like my Lola. I’m not sure where the name came from one day I just started referring to her as Lola and it stuck. She’s the one I turn to if I’m spending a night alone and she’s pretty amazing to use with Mirs as well.

Last night we decided that it’d been a while since Mirs and and I had a threesome with Lola. After some intense kissing, etc.<–I think they call that foreplay. I reached down the side of my bed an picked up Lola and switched her on while Mirs started to position herself on top of me.

“OUCH! HOLY SHIT!” Mirs shrieked and recoiled to the end of the bed, flipping on the overhead light at the same time.

“What?” I asked watching her examine her stomach

“She shocked me or something. Like a burn or shock or something.”

“Who? Lola?” Not my Lola! Lola would never hurt Mirs!

Then I looked at her, Lola not Mirs, right at her base and noticed copper wires poking out. I touched them and ZAP! three or four bright, firing embers cracked and spit like fire works and burned little wholes in my sheets.

We both jumped back, staring at Lola. That bitch! I had to unplug her and now she’s in the trash. After we checked out Mirs’ stomach and made sure my bed wasn’t on fire we settled back into each other’s bodies-neither of us really in the mood any longer. We laid in one another’s arms silently, kissing and not kissing, stroking and caressing lightly.

“I could’ve burned my vagina, Mirs, ” I said after a long silence. “I mean, I’ve been playing with Lola for two days straight under the covers. I could’ve burned my vagina! Can you even imagine? How do you explain that to emergency room doctors?”

She remained silent and then started to snicker slightly. Her snickering turned into girlish giggles which erupted to full-on belly laughs. I was laughing right along with her. It wasn’t funny. Vaginal burns can’t be fun, I imagine. On the other hand, only slight stomach burns and two tiny burn holes in the sheets, it was funny.

So now on top of a harness and dildo, I need a new vibrator.


2 thoughts on “Not-So Good Vibrations

  1. Dawg-yeah, it was a probably one of the scariest moments of my life. Then the reality of the situation really sunk in-I had literally been using her, under the covers (cause she’s loud) for the past two nights…I really, truly could have burned my whoo-ha!

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