First Video Blog-Ever

I’ve been working on this high tech stuff, you know Webcams, videos, etc. Stuff that kids these days have been doing since birth practically. Back when I was in school in computer class we learned how to type. A-S-D-F-J-K-L-; the home row key. We learned how to properly get to those bottom and top rows, which fingers were supposed to go to the T, Y, U, keys verses which fingers went to the Y, U , I keys. I still can’t make my fingers go to the wrong keys. God praise those nuns and their persistence. Because of them, I’m a speedy typer. Mirs says that I’m the quickest typer she ever did sit next to in a coffee shop. My skills on the keyboards intimidates her. I wrote a lot of papers for people in college. I’m just that good.

So, this new computer technology is really weird to me. But all the kids are doing it so I want to do it too. Be nice, this one I literally did a few moments ago and haven’t brushed my teeth or done my hair. I showered last night. Just me, Fiona Apple and my Monogrammed coffee cup full of French Press. Enjoy!

And then when I went back into my You Tube account I found my REAL “First Video Blog” I look better, hair is done…but I think today’s is funny, too so you get them both. Two for the price of one. I promise that next week, (now that I understand the YouTube) it will be better and have a point…


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