Insomnia or Drunken Stuper?

Mirs and I finally got out of bed, out of Brooklyn, Harlem and made our way to a good ole time at some lesbian bars in NYC proper. We’ve done the Metropolitan in Brooklyn many a Wednesday, it’s conveniently down the street from her house. We’ve hit up Gingers in Dykeslope plenty of times. It was a mutual resolution, of sorts, that we’d make an effort to get out more.

I wouldn’t call it Lesbian Death Bed-what is that, exactly? When you stay in bed all of the time? We do that-a lot, a lot a lot, actually. I’m not sure why it’s an issue, really. Well, I suppose that it could be a problem-we’ve taken it by the reigns, though. We’ve identified that we stay in a lot and decided to make an effort go get out of the house.

We’ve hung out with lots of our lesbian friends and she has her “bro nights”, god knows. Still, we’ve never had a lesbian night in the city-Until Tonight. We wanted to start at the infamous Cubby Hole so we headed there first. The Village, while I love it, is still the most ass-backwards place in Manhattan. When we finally got there, there was an actual line around the damn place. I’d been there only once before and it wasn’t nearly as packed as it was tonight.

Because waiting in lines is so not New York, we opted for Lesbo a Go-Go at Stonewall Inn instead. It was delightfully lacking a line and full of lesbians dancing on the second floor. The drinks were reasonably priced, the music was decent and the girl I was dancing with was smoking hot. The crowd was really diverse, lots of butch ladies, soft butch ladies, femmes a plenty, different ethnicities, and random straight dudes? Do they really think that lesbians are just waiting for the one, perfect dude to make them straight? Apparently they do-or they like the go-go dancers. Did I mention that there were go-go dancers? I wasn’t looking, too hard, we were just enjoying.

We finished up there when the music went south and headed back to the Cubby Hole to check back and have a night cap. There was no line second time around but the name says it all-it’s just as teeny tiny as I remember and when packed full of people, and heading towards the wee hours of night 1:30 AM (am I really that old?! ) We decided it best to hop in a cab and head back Uptown to my place.

Now she’s sleeping, in my bed, the glittery eyeshadow I put on her early this evening is glistening in the light of my computer. She’s so beautiful, the most beautiful girl I saw all night. Perfect, wonderful, amazing in every way. Her breathing is rhythmic and natural and I’m awake. Wide awake.


2 thoughts on “Insomnia or Drunken Stuper?

  1. Hey Sinnerviewer,
    Mirs is short for Miriam…but it’s okay. She rarely lets me put it on her, but it’s pretty adorable when she does!

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