…And to your right is St. Pat’s Cathedral

I had my first friend visit to NYC this afternoon.  My former best friend from college/sorority sister came for a visit to the Big Apple.  She’s staying in Newark, NJ with her friend’s friend.  They drove from North Carolina to New Jersey the night before.  They’d gotten in fairly late and did some NYC nightlife.  Today was their only full day in Manhattan.  They wanted to see the sights, they wanted to have a good time, they had no idea where to start.  Great, I love to play tour guide on a freezing cold day to two girls who really have no clue, exactly, what they have in mind.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my friend and today was a good day.  It’s a lot of pressure, though, to entertain two women in all things New York in less than 5 hours.

We started our day with a late brunch on the Lower East Side at Schiller’s.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-I love this place.  It never disappoints.  The Norwegian Eggs are my recommendation Mirs will say get it with the Bloody Mary, I say try the Blood Orange Mimosa.  The ladies from the south had themselves a couple of cheeseburgers and sodas.  We chilled out there for a bit before heading up to midtown.  I showed the girls Rock Center, we walked silently through St. Pat’s and made our way up Fifth Avenue to Central Park.  The biting cold and even colder wind prevented us from lingering too far into the park, which was fine by me.  We went to Magnolia Bakery against my better judgement.  It was actually my suggestion-I feel like most SATC people want the experience and I needed an espresso.  I was delightfully surprised to like the pumpkin spiced cupcake.  That said, I still think Crumb Bakeshop, Sweet Cheeks in Brooklyn, and Babycakes have much better cupcakes than Magnolia’s confections.
After leaving midtown I took the girls down to W.4th to my favorite little bar, The Four Faced Liar for some beers and a Papaya Dog.  I dropped them off at the 14th Street PATH train entrance and walked up 14th to hop on the L train (at Union Square) to come to Mirs.  
When I walked in she asked how my day went, to which I answered, “fine”  because it was fine.  I feel like we got a lot accomplished-three distinct neighborhoods, landmarks, and the Park.  They got to see subway performers and experience walking down 5th Avenue.  I wonder, though, if they did have a good time.  I think they did, I hope they did.  I imagine that, for their first trip to NYC, they walked away satisfied.  It’s stressful business, being a tour operator.  When I left them heading for Jersey I suggested that they make their way back to the Big Apple when they can stay longer than two days, and when the weather is warmer than 35 degrees.

2 thoughts on “…And to your right is St. Pat’s Cathedral

  1. Style Girl,

    Thanks for the comment! Living in NYC is amazing, I can’t even, no don’t want to imagine not living here!

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