Good Bye, Our Chart!

In case you haven’t heard from various blog speculations, Curve Magazine, Go Magazine, etc. it’s official, Ilene Chaiken has pulled the plug on Our Chart. I, for one, am not as bummed out as some fans seem to be. I agree, that it’s really disappointing that both the L Word and Our Chart will cease to exist in the very near future. On the other hand, there are so many other Lesbian websites to enjoy. For all of those who are saddened and feeling as though there’s no online place to turn, let me suggest some of my favorites.

After Ellen

I’ve been trying to blog for After Ellen for months, months I tell ya. They have not responded yet, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I’m waiting for Cherry Bomb to come back. A great The View-like show…but ‘cept with lesbians.


Sounds like a land full of lesbians doesn’t it?! Well, it is! Utopia (With Lesbians!) I’ve got my fingers crossed that my blog will get a shout on on there…or to be a permanent blogger for the site…ahem

Girlfriend is a Homo

This site reminds me a lot of Perez Hilton or Pink is the New Blog…’cept with lesbians.

and my favorite

Sugar Butch Chronicles

Smut of the lesbian persuasion…and some political stuff, too

There, enjoy yourselves!


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