Still Waiting for The L Word

Did you all read that hilarious post on AfterEllen I mentioned in the previous blog? Before I get an e-mail about it, no that’s not my blog…AfterEllen hasn’t responded to my e-mail query about blogging for them, yet *sigh* I’ll send another e-mail this afternoon. Well, If you haven’t gone to read it, do it now and then come back. I’ll wait here

Yes, I know it was a link to my blog that sent you to a link for the blog on After Allen but, you know.

So funny, right? The Premier episode of the Final Season of the L Word is on Sunday. I just found the L Word, for real, last season. I’d heard of it, of course. But if you’re a closeted lesbian living the life of a straight girl, the L Word doesn’t really come up all that often. Especially in Ohio. Besides, I was and still am a die hard HBO fan; Sex in the City, Big Love, Sopranos (that’s a lie, I never watched that). I never really got into the Showtime thing. So I watched Season Five last year and loved it-wondered why it’d taken me so long not to call my cable provider and request a little Showtime. After watching and loving the Fifth Season, which was kind of like watching Seasons 1-2 through Jenny’s eyes, I went out and purchased Seasons 1-2 at Target in Ohio. Only $19.95 each! I watched Seasons 3-4 online and just finished up Season 5, again, for a refresher. I can honestly say that I’m ready for the Final Season.

I’m having reservations, though. I’m sure Ilene Chaiken won’t disappoint but there’s a lot of wrapping up to do! I mean, the final season and episode of SATC was bullshit, in my opinion. I immediately e-mailed HBO and suggested, then requested, and then demanded that they do a seventh season. When I found out there was to be a movie (which I still have not, will not see) I was even more furious. You can’t just wrap up all of that crap into one 2-hour movie. I suppose that’s why there’s rumors about another SATC movie. Make another season, for christsakes!

This is my concern for the Final Season of the L Word, wrappin’ it all up. You’ve got Tasha and Alice, for starters. Tasha is gonna be a cop soon-come on, Tasha back in uniform! Why would we want to miss that?! I can see it now, Alice ripping off Tasha’s uniform, she’s bra-less (naturally) and you get a nice, tight, close-up on her perfect breasts. Then, we remember that Alice is flirting with disaster in that designer, Clea Something. She’s cute, too, I love that actress…god, what’s her name? I love her little British accent, her quiet voice, her Vespa…and then you have the Alice on The Look avenue. Which I’m personally over, but you know.

Next, you have the Shane, Niki, Jenny triangle. Can you believe Shane? Yes, yes, I can actually. I just don’t know why Jenny didn’t see it coming. That hussy, Niki, has been eyeing Shane since the Subaru Pink Ride at the pit stop-Great scene though. The balcony, not the Pink Ride. So Jenny’s mad at her best friend, Shane, who’s broken her heart. But Jenny Dies!? WTF?! Makes no sense!

You’ve got Kit and Helena knockin’ Dawn Denbo out of her SheBar/Planet stealing heist. YAY! But, did you notice the last few scenes of Season Five at the wrap party? Helena’s got her paws on Lover Cindy. Yet, in promos for Season Six she’s snuggled up on Tasha. Which, I suppose, would be great for Alice but Tasha would never date Helena Peabody.

Tina and Bette. Fucking Bette Porter. She doesn’t deserve Tina, she’s a monster! She leaves poor Jody Lerner high and dry…I distinctly remember at the end of the Fourth Season Jody telling Bette not to break her heart. And what does Bette do? She does what Bette Does best, breaks poor Jody’s heart. At least Tina’s not straight any more…is it just me or was that Henry thing a stretch?

Lastly, we have Max and Larry…it’s Larry, right? no Tom! His name is Tom. So Max is trans, which I’m so grateful for. I’m glad Ilene Chaiken isn’t forgetting her “T” in her LGBT hit show. But they’re doin’ the dirty those two boys. And while I know, respect, and honor Max-he’s still got lady bits. I feel a pregnant man story-and babies take 9 months….not 12 episodes. Okay, the first Pregers Man confused me and this story line will too, if you’re taking testosterone, how do you get pregnant?

I’m looking at my last issue of GO Magazine, it doesn’t look like I missed anyone…Is Max not on the cover because he’s a boy? I mean, if you can but Shane in a dress, you can have Max on the cover.

So there it is…my Season Six, Final Season, Take a Bow concerns for the L Word. What’s to become of lesbian television, next? Our Chart is down, the L Word is ending. First Queer as Folk, then SATC, now the L Word…what’s a lesbian girl looking for hot women with amazing bodies having hot-looking, granted scripted, lesbian sex every Sunday and onDemand to do?


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