The C Train

A Ride on the C

The C Train after work. It’s only 4:30 PM, or some where around that time. It’s easy to get a seat now, there are people sitting. No one is uncomfortable, sitting too close to another person you don’t want to be near. No bodies touching, no one standing. It’s my favorite time to ride the C.

The man across from me is taking up a seat made for two. One of those two person seats right next to the doors. He’s reading a Metro. There aren’t headlines on the front, rather an advertisement for Avalon Morningside Apartments, apparently they aren’t feeling the economic crunch. Those apartments are new, just up the hill from where I live now. If I stand on the right corner, I can see them.

The doors that are between his two person seat from the long bench of seats has four signs. The two on the top say “DO NOT HOLD DOORS” There’s a picture of a figure holding a door. The figure is small and black. It’s arms are stretched out like a Capital T or a cross, it’s holding the doors-there’s a red circle with a cross over it. The signs under the windows say “DO NOT LEAN ON DOORS” on that one, the same figure is leaning on a door it too has a red cross.

There’s a Hispanic man sleeping across. It looks like he’s sleeping deeply, his body is swaying with the motion of the train. Back and forth, it doesn’t seem to bother him. I glanced at him again and he looked at me, suddenly awake from his nap.

The girl next to me has strawberry blonde hair. Her bangs are short, but not too short. She doesn’t have on makeup, just some mascara. She’s wearing a jacket I think my girlfriend would wear. It’s plaid with a hood. The girl is holding her bag to her chest, like you do on a busy train. She could put it on the bench. She gets off at 86th and I wonder if she lives around there.

There are two boys, in high school, I think. The white one is talking loudly to the black one. They’re talking about girls and a boy named Daniel. Daniel did something that these two boys don’t believe. They’re talking about this boy, Daniel, and some high school girls. The white boy continues talking about Daniel and the black one plays his Game Boy for the entire time I ride the C. From 59th Street Columbus Circle to 116th Street.


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