We’re Moving In Together!

I wish it were true but, sadly no-Mirs and I aren’t moving in together-yet.  Last night she had a gas leak in her building.  From what we could gather from the fire fighters coming in and out of the building, the Gas Company delivered heating oil earlier in the day and spilled a substantial amount of it on the basement floor as well as on the street.  They didn’t clean it up or report it.  As a result of the extremely rank and nauseating smell emitting from the basement, the fire department was called.

Earlier in the night Mirs made some amazing dinner and I feel immediately asleep after clean up while she organized her kitchen cabinets.  While I slept I dreamt that we were trapped in her apartment while it was burning down.  She has security bars on her one window-like many apartments in NYC.  The security bars are locked and the keys are usually on the window sill.  In the dream, however, we couldn’t find the keys and fire fighters were helping us get out by cutting the metal bars.
I woke up from my dream, dizzy, head pounding and walked into the kitchen.  Right away I asked Mirs where her keys were and told her about my dream.  Just as she produced the keys in their secret hiding place we heard the rumble of boots and the beeping of walkie talkies in the hallway.  I opened the door and found myself face to face with a fire fighter.  They were looking for the basement and Mirs pointed them in the right direction.
When they got down there, they also found the spill and a slew of code violations.  After two hours we got the okay to stay in the building but the fumes were out of control and effecting us both.  We ended up uptown at my apartment-where we were met with stale smoke fumes.
This morning Mirs talked to her mom about it and Mom suggested that she find a new place.  I immediately lit up with excitement.  If Mirs gets out of her lease early, it means that we can move in together quicker!  It may have been a bit of a gun jump, but we started browsing Craigslist for apartments.  We actually found several very reasonable places with a lot of space.  Our favorite was a GEM in Brooklyn.  2 Bedrooms, access to the back yard under $2000!  It seems like perfection.  
For Hanukkah I got Mirs a book called Urban Homestead that’s about creating a sustainable urban garden.  She read it on her flight home and I’m half way through it in less than two days.  It’s got amazing tools and techniques around creating composts in apartments, growing vegetables on your fire escapes, etc.  When we’d talked about our merge in the past we have agreed that the apartment we move into would ideally have a large kitchen, enough living space to entertain, and ideally access to a back yard.  We’re not too interested in bedroom or bathroom space, as we spend a lot of our time in the kitchen and both love to entertain.
We just got back to her house and despite my secret wish that her apartment still reeked, it was fine and it looks like we’re not moving forward with the merge in the next month.  It’s fine, really, I’m not in a place financially to plunk down a few grand for a move.  That said, I’m determined to amp up my saving plan-as well as opening my 401K so that just in case we do move in the next month rather than the spring/summer…I’ll be ready

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