It Comes Down to This

Internet Porn. I caved. It was my weekly night alone and Lola, my vibrator, just wasn’t doing it for me. I envisioned sweet fantasies in my head of my lady and I. On a beach. In the park. My bed. Her Bed. In costume; my naughty school girl to her prim headmistress. Nothing. So I turned on my computer and headed to my favorite dykes smut site, Sugarbutch Chronicles, and started looking around.

I love me some Sugarbutch at night, it always seems to help me get there when my lonely orgasms are just out of reach. Last night, though, was a no go. No offense to the site, I love it, and will keep on reading it. I had a lot on my mind. Work has been stressful as all get out, I was spending a night alone, and to top it all of, my queer ex-best friend, Mark, tells me that he’s engaged to his Mormon girlfriend. You see? Stuffs on the mind that was distracting me from the stuffs in my hand. So after cruisin’ around Sugarbutch to no avail, I noticed an advertisement for another site-a website devoted to lesbian-made porn. And the best news, 20 Minutes Free! Now, ONLY GO THERE IF YOU ARE AN ADULT! I’m Serious. 18 YEARS OLD AND OVER ONLY! I don’t want some teeny-bopper lesbo from Ohio racing on over and getting caught with her hand in her pants. It’s real porn. Not some manmade breast enhanced, long acrylic nailed, big haired porn. It’s real dyke porn…Therefore, 20 minutes wasn’t enough.

I caved! I actually purchased porn-ON THE INTERNET. Now, some of you may be saying to yourself, “Calm down, Erika. I buy porn online all the time!” I know a lot of people who do. I’m not one of those people. I’m not a prude, don’t get me wrong. I love to watch. I love sex. More than that, I love lesbian sex. It’s just that I’ve never purchased lesbian sex, online, with my credit card, at 2AM. Last night, I did. I didn’t go crazy. I opted for their “best value” of $19.95 for 200 minutes of all the dyke porn I can watch. Only after a nice note popped up warning me that my free 20 minutes was almost up, ahem.

So, there you have it. Me, Erika Davis. Black, Lesbian, Writer, Manager, and Porn Watcher. Well at least for another 156 minutes I am.


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