Where The Lesbos Go

It’s been a while since I last posted, for that I apologize. I have good reason, though!

1. I’ve gone crafty. As I mentioned in my Thanksgayving post, I learned how to knit from my friend Tiara and have been a knitting machine ever since. I finished the cute blue and red stripped scarf for my nephew, the circle scarves for my roommates and my woman, I’m currently working on the white scarf below for ME! I’m also working on my personal super long scarf and next up something special for my Dad.

Also, I’m working on a collage for Mirs that looks amazing in my head. I’ve forgotten that my creativity lies in my writing, and most recently my knitting. Therefore, the ideas in my head may not actually turn into the beautiful creation that I hope to make. That’s why I have the knitting and the few “material” things I already have wrapped up. Thankfully, Mirs and I are celebrating the gift giving part of Chrismakah after the actual Holidays.

2. Two Words. Retail. Rockefeller Center. Okay, that was three words. I’ve worked retail for over 10 years. I love it! I especially love the crazy pace of retail during the Holiday Season. I don’t like Rockefeller Center during the Holiday Season, though. I hate it, actually. I hate the tourists, I hate the endless hordes of them in clumps and big lumps and blobs ooing and ahhing over the twinkly lights, the gigantic tree, the Radio City sign, taking up the entire fucking sidewalk. It drives me mad. It drives me insane. It drives me to elbow a little more freely, the drop the “F-Bomb” a bit more, to push a bit, scruff a bit, get a little more feisty. A scrooge. That is what I’ve become. So much so, that I actually get snippy with the actual customers that are essentially paying my bills. I’m trying, though. I’m trying really really hard to not knock over a poor innocent woman in her holiday sweater trying to get the perfect shot of the gdamned Rockefeller Tree.
Last Saturday Mirs and I went to Knit New York’s Birthday Party http://www.knitnewyork.com/

Lots of lesbians doing the knitting these days, eh? Mirs says that crafting is a lesbian thing. She’d know, she’s crafty. She also has this theory that every woman with her name is also a lesbian. We ran into one of the associates there, a sweet woman who taught me how to knit properly. I’d been drinking wine prior to the party and enjoyed a complimentary glass of wine during and was feeling a little tipsy at that point. The woman came over, helped me correct my stitch and we three had a good time making fun of my stitching and my inability to take direction. Towards the end of the night we exchanged names and BAM! same name is my lady. And thus, her theory is proven once again.

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