Weekend in Review

The Restaurants


Schillers is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC.  It’s been a while since I’d been there and can’t really figure out why it’s taken me such a long time to make it back.  It was Mir’s first time and she’s sort of a brunch connoisseur so I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t make the cut.  Fortunately, she loved it.  I had the waffles and she had a smoked salmon eggs Benedict sort of thing.  I also had a regular Mimosa followed by a blood orange Mimosa…heavy, heavy champagne pours
Thailand Cafe-East Village
Thailand Cafe got a make over since the last time I was their.  I remember them having an amazing happy hour and really reasonable prices.  Last night was no different.  While we missed happy hour, the drinks were still reasonable and potent.  Our friend got a Coconut Mojito, after one sip-I got one as well.  They are a bit ridiculous-a giant coconut, an orchid and a straw but really, really good.  I had my staple, Pad Sei Ew, Mir had Drunken Chicken and our friend, Heather got Yellow Curry Chicken.  We also got an appetizer sampler plate and my favorite, Coconut Sticky Rice.
Colonial Cafe
I’ve walked by this SoHo restaurant for at least the past two years and never walked in.  It’s really cute, looks cozy, and always full of people.  In the summer the side windows are opened up and it always looks inviting.  Still, not inviting enough to venture inside.  Today we met an Ohio friend their for brunch and I was completely satisfied.  I had their take on Eggs Florentine.  Instead of en English Muffin it was on a carrot biscuit and really tasty.  
M Shanghai Bistro and Den
The unassuming front didn’t prepare me for walking into this Chinese restaurant in South Williamsburg.  First of all, the servers-two of them, tattooed and white were, well, shocking.  As was the bartender, a black guy with an cropped Afro and beard.  I didn’t see an actual Asian person working their, save for the deliver guy who stopped in to pick up orders.  I was skeptical that a Chinese restaurant could be good with what seemed to be a complete lack of Chinese staff.  It sounds silly, but am I right?  Thankfully the Pork Dumplings, Shanghai style Lo Mein and Vegetable Friend rice were excellent. The Oolong Tea wasn’t bad either.
Other stops this weekend included a trip to Babeland looking at harnesses and dildos..Is it super selfish go get myself a red cock and harness and call it a Chrismaukah gift?  Mir actually said the same thing about buying it for me.  At least we’re both on the same page.
American Apparel for bras…A note about bras and I.  I sort of hate bras.  I have really large breasts (34DD and have never really found a bra that I would call comfortable.  Seamless Body by Victoria bras have always been my staple.  Mir also  has a large rack but smaller than mine, I’d guess around a large 34 C.  Since the first time I met her, she’s always worn bras without under wires, and they are usually ill-fitting.  (She’s not a bra fan)  So we went into American Apparel to get more underwear for me or some leggings.  I came across their cross back bra and tried on the XL and absolutely loved it.  I ended up getting two of them and convinced Mir to get one two.  They do not fit, in terms of them being super supportive.  I could never wear them to work.  That said, they are the most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn and I’ve had mine on since yesterday.  Now I know I can wear their bikini tops to Fire Island and let the girls hang out in all their glory.
Other than that we went to  super dude bar with cheap beer called Blue and Gold and an amazing little bakery in Brooklyn called Cheeks bakery (www.cheeksbakery.com)
Go check out all my eats…they were all really good and not that expensive.  

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