A Lovely Day

God, I love my girlfriend.

I really do. She’s truly amazing, captivating, smart, sexy, and incredibly open and understanding. I mean, really? How much more can you ask for in a partner? I can’t think of much more. I mean, if we list off the amazing qualities and attributes of my lady the list would get really long and obnoxious and then you’d stop reading and who wants that? Not me! I’m asking a lot of rhetorical questions this morning… And I’m up wicked early, in need of more coffee.

So, Mir and I had another really long talk last night. It’s nothing short of amazing to be able to have really open, honest, and direct communication with your partner. I think those three things are key to any healthy, functioning relationship. Because we were able to get everything all out, we were able to sort through all of the jumble and come up with a solution that we both agree on.

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to communicate with anyone as openly as I do with her. We had amazing sweet and passionate lovin’, both slept well last night, and I woke up to make her coffee and an egg sandwich before sending her to work. After she left, I laid in my bed alone and felt completed and confident.

My hair is a mess of curls and flat on one side, I have nothing to wear to a job where what you wear matters, I’m sort of stinky with eye crust and have some seriously smelly gas…she thought that was funny. It’s how I answered the phone when she called a minute ago. “Baby, my farty-butt smells like doody.” She giggled her cute little laugh. Now, that’s love.


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