I spoke to my friend, Kylee, this afternoon about her 1138 project, Lovealoud. Here’s the update:
-The site is officially up, under construction, at www.lovealoud.org
-She’s expecting the T-shirts in from print this week.
-Ideally both the site and the T-Shirts will be available for sale at the end of this week, or early next week.

I like to call Kylee an honorary lesbian. She may be more lesbian than me, if you factor in the loads of lesbian friends she has. Did I mention that we made out once? It was a long time ago 😉 Anyway, Kylee is happily in a relationship with her long-time boyfriend these days. She and my good friend, Matthew, were talking about 1138 about a month ago over brunch. She was thinking of getting a tattoo that said “1138” but Matthew pointed out that the number would change, and then the tattoo would be sort of insignificant. Instead, Kylee decided on putting 1138 on T-Shirts to raise awareness.

1138 represents the number of Federal Rights denied to gays in the US. The shirts, from American Apparel, just say 1138. (The back may have the website.) Ideally when you wear yours, someone will ask what it means-and thus begins the dialogue about the need for equality.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the site and the shirts will be on time, and can’t wait to buy mine!


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