Saturday Morning

I always love my girlfriend and am grateful to have her in my life. There are moments though, like last night and this morning that serve as constant reminders of how lucky in love I am to have such an amazingly smart, caring, and crazy sexy girl in my life like Mir.

Yesterday we spent the day with her Aunt Gayle, her father’s oldest sister. I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but Mir comes from a very conservative and Republican Jewish family. Her Aunt Gayle is the only “sane” one, as she says. Aunt Gayle is an art person. She collects art, visits museums to look at art and has an immense knowledge of art. She also has a lot of gay and lesbian friends, and is a liberal democrat. I was excited to meet this particular member of the family.

Aunt Gayle took us to three museums yesterday; the New Museum near Columbus Circle, the Museum of Arts and Design, and the Guggenheim. We saw Catherine Opie’s entire collection at the Guggenheim as well as Elizabeth Payton’s works at the New Museum. It was a pretty fantastic day.

We came home last night, drank a bottle of red wine and ate left over Thai food. We spent the evening having mind-blowing sex. My favorite thing about fucking my girlfriend is watching her face when she orgasms. Her face twists into a combination of pleasure and sometimes pain-pleasure that I find irresistible. Besides watching her face, feeling her cum on my hand and my body drives me insane. Without getting into explicit detail, last night-all three hours of it, was amazing.

This morning, we woke up and I relished the feel of her soft and smooth skin next to mine as we fell into that early morning pattern of waking and sleeping, kissing and touching, sleeping. We finally woke up around 10:30 this morning and went to the grocery. I’d been talking about making her scones for two days but was lacking an essential ingredient; maple syrup.

We returned home with the proper ingredients and much-needed coffee and together made an amazing brunch of savory cheddar and rosemary scones, cranberry raspberry orange scones, and some Texan breakfast consisting of her homemade tortillas, black beans, salsa, eggs, and sour cream. I brewed us a pot of strong french press French Roast and popped open a bottle of champagne for mimosas.

The thing is, for me, there are different levels of compatibility in relationships that are essential to making them work. The ability to have both deep and meaningful conversations as well as the ability to shoot the shit is essential. Amazing sex is essential. Compatibility in the kitchen is also essential. My top two, actually. Food is such a giant part of my life, so much so that I’m contemplating going to culinary school. If we can get along in the kitchen and create amazing feasts together, I’m happy.

Right now we’re both adequately full and buzzing. She’s looking at me now, sitting on the couch next to me, her dark and sexy eyes peeking at me over the rim of her glasses. She’s drinking her third mimosa and wearing my grey tank top. I can see her tattoos and her cleavage.

I told her that I was writing about her and awesome sex and asking if she wanted to read it (she hasn’t read my blog yet) she wanted to know if I mentioned how great I am at sex…apparently I’m amazing in bed.


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