Sleeping Girlfriend

I’m always wide awake when my girlfriend is sleeping. We were both actually really tired and instead of falling asleep, like she is now-I am, unfortunately, wide awake. She’s really pretty when she sleeps. Kind of like an angel…an angel with an amazing;y sexy body 😉

We’re going camping this weekend. I was supposed to be running a half marathon in San Francisco this weekend, enjoying gay life in the Bay Area, meeting some of her friends, getting out of NYC. That fell through. It seems that you have to really raise all the money that Team in Training tells you to or you can’t participate. This I knew getting into it in May. I really honestly thought I could raise $4000-a lot of people did, actually. I was not one of those people.

Instead, we’ve signed up for Zip Car, made reservations at a campsite in the Catskills and will be a-camping for the second time in our relationship. Note-she is a camper. I am not. There’s an amazing story of my lady camping. Long story, actually. I’ll summarize. She was leaving camp to take a crap, got lost and spent 5 hours wondering around a mountain in the dark with a mountain lion stalking her. True story-I kid you not.

Nonetheless, we’re going to be camping. In the woods. In October. I’m more excited for the drive up; the fall foliage, hopefully stopping by some pumpkin patches, orchards, farm stands, and thrift stores. The pitching a tent, sleeping outside and not getting attacked by bears (or mountain lions) not so much. She’s pretty tough, though. And as I learned on our first camping trip in July, I’m really amazing at maintaining a pretty amazing fire. I hear the fire keeps the animals away? Is that true? I hope so.

She just turned over on her side. My striped flannel sheets have left imprinted lines on her back in a varied and erratic pattern. She’s cute and I want to spoon her.


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