Nights Alone

Clearly being in love, having amazing sex, and spending a lot of time with the woman you love and have the amazing sex with leaves little room for much of anything else. The haze of our summer love is beginning to clear slightly as the reality and need to re-enter the real world has come upon us.

Lucky for me, The Lady M is heading back to get her education on at least three nights a week which gives me plenty of time to work. Then I remember that I have nothing to work on. It occurred to me that my writing has come down to this-a blog on blogger. Everything else I have ever written has disappeared into the abyss a la Carrie Bradshaw…fucking back up shit. Which, actually, I do. My problem was that my computer had aged rather gracelessly and when I tried to remove all of my work from it, it went to sleep-and never woke again. It is actually a blessing in disguise because it gives me the opportunity to start fresh on something new and exciting. In actuality, no one really wants to read about how much you love your girlfriend.

The Internet is also a gigantic distraction. With all the blogs, websites, shopping available and at your very fingertips…well, it makes it all the more difficult to get shit done…But I’m trying


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