So In Love

God, I’m such a lesbian cliche! And you know what? I don’t give a fuck! Ha! It’s been a while because I’ve spent the last almost two months enjoying my life and enjoying the summer in NYC-and enjoying it with the Lady M.

I never thought, in a million years, that online dating would work. Let alone work in NYC. I mean, I went on 3 awful, yet memorable and so going in my book dates from Match.Com. Bachelor #1, Judah was a wash…Bachelor #2, Red, actually got two dates (hence 3 dates) and mid-way through date 2 I realised two things…
1-Match.Com sucks
2-Maybe Match sucks because I’m still pretending to be straight…so I promptly changed my preference to “woman seeking women”
Then I realised a third thing,
3-Match still SUCKS!

Thank god for Nerve! Lady M. and I had an amazing first date-which I blogged about-and an amazing second. Pride was awesome and now I’m in love.

We’re actually planning a trip to California to get married next month before they revoke the same-sex marriage law, and we’ve already got some sperm picked out so we can start our multi-racial family that we’ll raise in Portland, Oregon.

Joking-I’m not that much of a lez, I swear. I think…At least not for now. What I do know is that I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my life. I know that statement could make me seem really naive but the thing is, the thing that I realised is, that I’m far to old to not be living my life for me.

There are many people who have refused to acknowledge my relationship with Lady M as genuine and for those many people-there are many more who have called, sent e-mails, or texts of congratulations and well-wishes. Including my last boyfriend, T.

When I look into my deepest darkest heart of hearts I see it less dark, yet so deeply full of love for this woman who is everything I ever dreamed of in a person. I call her my dream girl, because she is. She’s someone I dreamed of, yet didn’t know I was looking for. She just sort of appeared. She was the third girl I went on a date with and the second I slept with and she’s all I will ever want. (I know, such a lez)

She’s been out of town for a bit and I’m missing her terribly-anxiously awaiting her return and our trip next week to upstate New York with 5 other lesbian couples. I’ve been using our time apart to get some writing done (I’m apparently a poet as well as a novelist) I’m also taking some time to let my right hand heal…she’s kinda a foxy lady in the sack, if you know what I mean. I think someone should invent some sort of finger splint device…Something that is really flexible and discreet but that gives you support for long nights of intense love. Or exercises…I’ve been doing some hand exercises. 🙂

In other news…Upstate New York. So, Lady M and all her friends have been planning this trip for months-months before I came on the scene and my lovely lady was planning on going upstate to camp and see Journey, Heart, Joan Jet, and Cheap Trick all by her lonesome with 12 other couples! Well, now I’m coming and I’m super pumped…except for the camping part. I’m trying to be a strong lady unafraid of the big bad wilderness but shit, y’all…This black girl ain’t been campin’ before! and my sweet Jewish lady is SUCH a nature girl that, well, she’s used to the big bad wilderness…she was stalked by a cougar at night and survived!!! Mark and the roommates find this fact so amusing. So very, very amusing, in fact. I’m looking around my mess of a room with the task of thinking of packing AND her looming birthday surprise stressed out of my mind. So stressed that I’m up at 220AM instead of in bed.

That’s most likely because falling asleep alone in my bed for the third night in the row without her feels like torture. Yes, it’s true. Since Pride we’ve not been apart for longer than 3 nights…except for the time she went to the wilderness and survived the cougar…


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