Tourists…they’re so cute

There are many things at annoy me about tourists in NYC. Their inability to properly walk, for instance, is madness. On the same note, the constant stopping in the sidewalk-those two are the biggies.
Most of the time, I find them kind of adorable and fun to watch. Especially on the subway when the neighborhoods get a little “ethnic” or when they’re not sure how to respond to a homeless person asking for money.
Lately it’s been hailing a cab that makes me giggle. Every day I see tourists frantically waving to a cab with no light on! Sometimes I feel, as a native Ohioan, that I should be friendly and helpful, cross the street to explain to them how to properly hail a cab. This thought is brief-mostly because I’m on my way to meeting that I’m running late for. Mostly, though, because it’s fun to watch them. They wave frantically at an on-coming cab and then curse and stomp their feet when the cabby’s don’t stop. Isn’t hailing a cab in a NYC guide book?
In case it’s not, here are some basic rules.
1. Stand on the proper side of the street, in the direction you’re heading.
2. If you see other pedestrians looking for cabs, try to navigate yourself ahead of them 😉
3. Look for cabs WITH THE LIGHTS ON!! This is really helpful. If the light’s not on, there’s no point in wasting energy throwing up your arms because it willnot stop.
4. Once you see a cab with lights on, raise your hand, one or two fingers extended, and voila! A cab will stop!

There’s no need for hand waving, no need for jumping-if you can whistle, then that’s fuckin’ awesome and whistle away! So there, how to properly hail a cab. You’re Welcome.


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