what to do…

It’s been kind of a crazy week. I finally settled into my new digs-four blocks from my old digs and got a call from my cat’s foster mom that she can’t keep him any longer-24 hours after I dropped him off, mind you…it’s a little frustrating, to say the least.
My new room is very disorganized with suitcases on top of bookshelves and clothing EVERYWHERE…and the dog-who had her first accident today-yay!
On the girl front…Things are going well. I went on a first meeting with S#1-we chatted about her girlfriend, books, etc. It was a good meeting. I met S#2 last night-the circumstances were interesting, to say the least but we’re making plans for a proper meeting for this week. I’m really looking forward to it. I find her incredibly attractive and I look forward to her e-mails daily. I’m trying to go with the flow…my new mantra-that’s 1970’s stoner but it’s applicable now. Lady M is still a mystery to me. We’ve had one phone conversation-an hour long conversation at that, and lots of e-mail exchanges but we haven’t met yet. I’m stopping there with the picking up of ladies on the Nerve-We’ll see how all pans out.
In random New York News
The subway is my absolute favorite place to people watch. Today on my way to work I sat across from an entire bench of people all wearing glasses. There was an older woman with rectangular rims-reading what looked to be some sort of sci-fi book. Now that I’m remembering her, it wasn’t so much that she was older-because was by no means “old.” Her dress was rather frumpy and her hair was simple; parted down the middle and greying. She kept fussing with her hair, trying to get it to stay behind her small ears and she turned page after page of her novel. Sitting next to her was possibly the palest woman I’d ever seen. Her legs were almost translucent, save for the incredibly long and incredibly dark hair on them. She too was reading through glasses, a novel that seemed to amuse her-as she occasionally smiled at what she was reading, then glancing up nervously to see if anyone was catching her grins-we made eye contact three times. Next to her was an old-white haired gentlemen wearing 90’s style sandals, khaki shorts, and a polo. He was reading the paper. His long, white, caterpillar like eyebrows were touching the rims of his glasses. Next to him was a Hispanic couple in their mid-fifties. Speaking to one another in Spanish and making eye contact over their glasses-and lastly was a black woman without glasses, not reading-looking incredibly out of place on her bench of glasses-wearing riders…It was such an interesting occurrence that I took a picture with my blackberry-it came out fuzzy but here it is…

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