Good Grief

I’ve decided to take the plunge into the deep end with this online lesbian dating scene. And I’m going to emerge myself in everything that is lesbian-which only seems appropriate giving that it’s almost Pride Month in NYC 😉

So, my Nerve interest, S, and I have officially become just friends. Not gonna lie, it really sucks but she’s going to see if she can work things out with her ex and I think that it’s a good idea. Speaking of ex’s my male ex just told me last night that is current “relationship” is over and wondered if I was into “meeting up” with him later. It has to be said that the man is amazing in bed and it was pretty tempting to not hop in the sack with him but honestly, I’m pretty sure that I’m a lesbo-or at least bi. I’ve said that before and clearly his offer of sex and my moment’s thought to concede clearly are defining my sexuality.

So S and I are just friends and I’m cool with that. I think it’s important that I carve out some lesbian friends to head out on the town with because clearly, only having one drink at Cubby Hole won’t get me laid.

In a continued effort to emerge myself I set up yet another online profile on a lesbian personals site, aptly named Lesbian Personals Online. So far, there are a lot of really beautiful women on there so I’m hoping that I can find a special lady there.

In other news…I went to Coney Island today! I was really apprehensive about going to Coney Island. My family has a house near Daytona Beach, I have a friend whose father has a house on Miami beach. I’ve travelled to Hawaii, and Mexico and they boast some amazing beaches. How can you find a beach like that in or around NYC? You can’t. Bottom line. Granted, the beach itself at Coney Island was pretty good for an NYC beach. I went to a beach in Connecticut last summer with friends and thought it was awful. The sand was shell-y and the water was freezing and ocean floor was mossy and slimy-it was plain gross. The sand at Coney Island was actually pretty soft and the water was a nice shade of blue-not clear turquoise like the tropics, but not brown like in CT. I was delightfully surprised and I got a little blacker today.

The crowd at the Coney Island was…eclectic, to say the least. There was a fair share of young hooligans hanging around, kicking sand, and making a general ruckus. There were some hot bodies though 😉 A super skinny girl with itty bitty’s and a teeny weeny string bikini and a rather big-bottomed girl who needs to trim down town…but it was a bit hot to get a naughty peek.

Heather and I made a pact that we would explore the shores of NYC this summer. It’s on my list of things to do this NYC Summer…Here’s the Full List

1-Go to the beach on Montauk, Amagasset, Hampton’s, Brighton Beach, and the Jersey Shore on weekends and weekdays off

2-Continue the Saturdays(Sundays) in the Park

3-Catch at least 4 Bryant Park Movies (ideally with a hot date)

4-Wineries in Upstate NYC

5-Get out of the State (NJ doesn’t count)

I’m sure I’ll add to the list but for now that’s it.


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