Lazy Sunday

This summer I plan on having Weekends in the Park with my friends. The plan is that we meet in Central Park on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for picnic-style shared food, drinks, games, sun, and a lot of relaxation. I also think it’d be cool to have friends bring a friend that I’ve never met in hopes of meeting new people in the City. It’s not a secret that I’m looking to meet new people-a cute girl would be nice.

More on that later, I’m sure. Sunday I may or may not have stood up J. But not on purpose. Before church I sent her a text saying we’d be meeting at one of my favorite Brunch spots down town at 12:30. After church I got a text from my BEST FRIEND, Mark saying that meeting at Community would be better. My original brunch plans were for Mark and I-Meeting J at Cubby Hole happened after my plans so I didn’t feel to bad calling her to relocate. I got her voice mail and left a message-as well as a text and headed back Uptown to Community. When I got there I got a text from her saying she was already downtown…oops! She seemed cool via text and I invited her to the Park but I haven’t heard from her since. Which is actually okay because she’s a bit too young-as I’ve said. I mean, really? She just finished her second year of college! Damn, she’s cute though.

After waiting THREE hours for my friend Erik to get from Brooklyn to Broadway we had an amazing meal at Community and headed to the Park to lay/bake/talk in the sun. It was good. Mark and I always have a blast with one another.

Mark is one of those best friends that you sometimes make out with, fool around with, cry with, etc. The making out and fooling around has been put on pause for way over a year because a special lady has entered is life. She seems to be a decent girl, and I’m supportive of his happiness. Thing is, Mark and I are very similar in our lack of sexual label-we’re just not into labels period. I don’t care if it says Prada or American Apparel- A tee shirt is a tee shirt. It’s the same way with the people I’m attracted to. Although, right now, I’m really into girls.

There was a beautiful girl sitting all alone at the park yesterday. She was sitting across the lawn from us, American Apparel-esq skirt and tank combo, long silk scarf in her short, dark hair, large sunglasses and the most perfect posture I’ve seen since I stopped taking Adult Ballet Classes at Broadway Dance Center. I actually took a picture of her! No, I didn’t talk to her…my gaydar is WAY off.

Erik is one of my favorite Ohio people in NYC. He never hangs out-but promises to stop being such a flake so I’m sure he’ll be around. We’re really late on trying to find a beach house this summer-more to come.


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