8 Hour Saturday Night

One of my fellow Ohio girls in NYC, Ashley broke the news to our circle of chicks letting us know that she’d be moving back to the OH. I think that it’s incredibly lame but am trying to be an understanding friend and support her decision to return to the boredom, cultural flatness, and acid washed jeans that is OHIO. Apparently Cleveland is cool-according to her.

In an effort to make her fall in love with the City that I love, we took her on a classic, cool, NYC evening.

First Stop-Les Deux Gamins W.4th and W10th in the Village.

That was at least the plan. It CLOSED by order of Mental Health and Hygiene. If you’ve never been to Les Deux Gamins then you’ll never understand my unhappiness-it is, correction was, my favorite restaurant that’s downtown and not on the Lower East Side. The roasted chicken was amazing, the wine list was outstanding, the bar tenders and servers were always attractive and always attentive. I always, always bring visitors to NYC to Les Deux Gamins! Granted, they have other locations in NYC but this one was phenomenal. Alas, they were closed so we went to another restaurant, Italian literally just across the street. Sadly, I cannot remember the name but the wine, pasta, bread, and conversation were satisfactory enough to help mourn the loss of Les Deux Gamins.

Second Stop-boutique shopping at True Boutique on Mott.

I love, love, love this new boutique in LoLita. It is a bit expensive, as all boutiques in NYC are, but they carry all sizes. For instance, I went into Poppy across the street the other weekend and they only went up to a size 6! I asked the cheerful and helpful sales associate if they ordered a full size run and she told me that they normally only get 3 sizes of each item-maybe 4! That’s insane! So I went to True and on my first visit noticed a size 16 among their beautiful frocks and was sold. (No, I’m not a 16-not that there’s anything wrong with being a 16)

At True I found my perfect Pride outfit. It was this amazing madras plaid jumper-or romper. You know, one of those one-piece short things with elastic waist and tie closures at the shoulders? I wanted to wear it with a wide belt, wedge heels-super hot-super perfect for Pride. Best thing about it-it was only $30! But, when I went to True last week it was for browsing-and I never bring funds on browsing days.

Fast forward to Friday and Ashley, Heather and I are looking at my romper is $20-but GONE in a size 8!!! Only 2 and 4. So Ashley buys it and I tried really hard not to be pissed but good god, no one where’s rompers in Cleveland!! GRRR…she did look super cute though.

Third Stop-Daha Vintage on Orchard (I think)

I love this LES vintage shop. Pause please-I think that Vintage shopping in NYC can be a little, intense-and expensive! Vintage shopping in Ohio is always successful and always cheap. I’ve found the most amazing long dresses, jewelry, shoes, and furniture for prices like $5, $25-hell, I paid $50 for a 1970’s Yellow Velvet Broyhill sofa! Don’t laugh-you’ve never seen it, and it’s fucking amazing! Play-vintage shopping in NYC isn’t so cheap, it’s just as good-even better! Daha is one of the more intermediately priced vintage stores. The layout is fantastic and the shop-keepers are always really knowledgeable with just the right amount of talkativeness-not too pushy, but always there for you.

I bought a really groovy printed dress that I’m wearing to work today when I get off the computer.

Fourth Stop-Pianos on Ludlow

Pianos has my favorite hamburger in the city. Especially since they put it back on English muffins! Sadly, we’d already had dinner and a bottle of wine and we missed happy hour. We plopped down at our table and met a very interesting anime-guy named Hugh who was immediately attracted to my girl, Ashley, because-as he said-she looks like an anime. She kinda does. Ash is incredibly pale with very, very blond hair that she’s forever styling in funky-chic ways. We work in fashion so we’re pretty stylish girly-girls and she was wearing one of our new polka-dot and plaid halter dresses with black shoes. She looked hot (we all look hot!) and Hugh was immediately enamored with her. I was amused at how uncomfortable she was with his affections. He was trying to “read her mind” doing some Cube exercise that required her to hold his hands and close her eyes while answering questions like, “What size is your cube?” or “Where in the room is your cube” and “What kind of flowers are in the room”

Heather and I, drinking wine (yes, I know we’re at Pianos and drinking wine) were silently laughing because we know Ashley. We know Ashley’s type. Hugh is NOT Ashley’s type. He was cute, no lie-but the Anime-style, metro-sexual, slight guy is definitely NOT Ashley. Nonetheless Hugh pined away at Ashley for about a half hour before is very, very young friend-Andrew came over. Long story short-Ashley made out with the 21 year old and we left for…

Fifth Stop-Cubby Hole W. 4th and W12th.
Ashley was just drunk enought to be okay with heading to a girl-bar. I had to Google it on my Blackberry to give her a review. We were planning to head to our favorite speak easy but it was booked-AND Google said it was “Bisexual & Lesbian” HA! This was our first Cubby Hole experience and all pretty excited. We walked in (got carded) and I had to loo like no one’s business…I have a pretty tiny bladder. I headed for the loo with Heather and Ashley in tow. When we emerged from the bathroom and headed to the bar to order drinks we were informed by the male bartender that if we went to the bathroom together again we would be escorted out-it seemed odd until I realized that it makes more since at a girl bar to ban multiples in the bathroom. I told you it was my first time there. We ordered drinks which I didn’t drink because it was a LONG night. We chatted up some cute girls at the bar-I got some digits 😉 But J is really, really young. Incredibly beautiful but young. We had brunch plans for Sunday-more on that later. We only stayed at Cubby Hole for one drink-it was Ashley’s limit of time in a lesbian bar.

Heather tagged out at this time while Ashley and I hopped in a cab to head to Tao. When we got there, Alicia and her friend hopped in and we headed further up town and further on the East Side to Vespa…Totally not my scene. I ordered a macchiato and a mineral water and watched people try to act sophisticated and cool.

After about twenty minutes I got bored, hailed a cab and crawled into bed. Where I had naughty text time with S-A girl I’m totally into, had a half-hour conversation with my ex Ty.


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